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Some routine follow-up visits may be scheduled as a Telemedicine appointment, but only after an initial in-person evaluation by your healthcare provider.

You may inquire about telemedicine appointments by calling 310-891-6717. Telemedicine appointment links are typically sent via text or email at the time of booking the appointment.

The Benefits of Telemedicine


How to Check in for Your Appointment


Download the Flyer [PDF]

Tips on How to Prepare for a Telemedicine Visit

  • Find a quiet place in your house; don't worry about background household noises
  • Don't be concerned about your appearance or the background view in your camera
  • Have all your current medicine bottles with you at the time of the visit
  • Have a brief list of your concerns or questions ready
  • Rest assured the visit with your doctor is private. No one but your doctor will see or listen in on your appointment. The visit is not recorded.

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