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Some cancer patients require surgery as part of their cancer treatment. Surgery is sometimes needed to obtain a biopsy specimen confirmation of cancer. More commonly, surgery is used to remove cancer.

Not all cancers are best treated by surgical removal. Some cancers have high cure rates with chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy. For those types of cancer that are best treated by surgery, the best results occur when the cancers can be completely removed.

Modern technology offers many different approaches to performing surgery, often with smaller incisions, less discomfort and more rapid recovery. These types of surgeries involve surgical instruments that are inserted into the body with small cameras that assist the surgeon to see via video imaging the inner structures of the body. When this kind of surgery is performed in the chest, it is called video thoracoscopy. When the surgery is performed in the abdomen, it is called laparoscopy. Sometimes, a robotic device is used to help the surgeon control the instruments.

In our South Bay community, we are fortunate to have many expert surgeons with extensive training and experience in performing these types of operations.