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Care Coordination Center

A better health care experience for you and those you love.

What Is the Care Coordination Center?

The Care Coordination Center (CCC) is a specialized ambulatory unit designed to provide timely, comprehensive post-discharge care to complex high-risk patients. The CCC oversees this care to ensure patients are transitioned back to their primary care physicians safely. The CCC also offers compassionate palliative care to patients with malignancies and other advanced illnesses.

Why Go to the Care Coordination Center?

The CCC provides patients a premium level of care. Office visits are 45-60 minutes, ensuring no patient is ever rushed. The visit includes a detailed review of discharge instructions, pending labs, imaging studies, cultures and pathology reports. The office visit also includes an in-depth review of medications by our clinical pharmacist to promote drug safety and adherence to treatment. Our seasoned dietitian educates patients on eating right in context of their underlying conditions. The physician or nurse practitioner concludes the visit by providing the patient with a customized treatment and transition plan.

What Else Does the Care Coordination Center Offer?

The CCC offers additional services to support patients. The CCC staff coordinates and facilitates home health, physical and occupational therapy, and follow-up discharge visits with various specialists. We also specialize in discussing end of life issues, clarifying goals of care, and helping patients and their loved ones make difficult decisions.

What About My Primary Care Doctor?

The CCC functions as a step-down unit, providing additional care to support high-risk patients. Once the patient's post-discharge goals to recovery are met, the CCC safely transitions patients back to their primary care physician for future care.

Who Is the Care Coordination Center Team?

Our team of warm and friendly professionals includes a Nurse Practitioner, an Advance Practice Pharmacist, and a Registered Dietitian, all of whom work in collaboration with the supervising physician Kristen Gutermuth, MD. The CCC provides patients and their families an additional layer of support to promote healing and wellness.

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