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Torrance Memorial Physician Network Orthopedic & Spine Team Can Make A Difference

Torrance Memorial Physician Network Orthopedic & Spine Team Can Make A Difference

Our expert team of Torrance Memorial Physician Network Orthopedic & Spine Center physicians continues to provide the best non-surgical and surgical approaches to alleviate pain and restore function and mobility for our patients. We are committed to providing individual orthopedic care and offer a full range of orthopedic surgical procedures from minimally-invasive to highly-complex.

Although many elective visits were canceled or postponed during the initial outbreak of COVID-19, we are confident our medical facilities now have measures in place to prevent transmission of the disease, and recommend patients not hesitate to schedule their appointments. Our offices have taken measures to ensure both patient and medical staff safety, such as taking temperatures upon entering an office, and limiting the number of people in the reception, waiting and patient examination areas. All health care staff and patients must wear masks, and exam rooms are disinfected after each patient leaves. It is very important not to delay care. Our outpatient orthopedic offices are following recommendations put forth by the Centers for Disease Control, the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, and the medical center’s own infectious disease specialists.

Following are some things worth noting in your consideration for returning to in person visits:

Many orthopedic conditions are best treated in a timely fashion and delaying care can lead to poor outcomes:

  • Sprains, strains, tears and fractures should be addressed soon after injury to ensure proper healing.
  • Treating degenerative conditions can often be done with less invasive interventions early in the disease as opposed to letting the condition progress where only extreme measures may be necessary.
  • Because there is value in early detection and intervention, being seen for musculoskeletal issues sooner rather than later should improve patient outcomes.

In person examinations are an integral part of orthopedic diagnosis:

  • Many conditions can masquerade as other problems, examples include hip arthritis or fracture which can present as knee pain and cervical disc disease which often presents as shoulder pain.
  • Because of the importance of a thorough examination in helping determine the cause of a patient's symptoms, our orthopedic offices are open for in person visits.
  • We have made many changes to allow in person visits to be performed safely:
    • Multiple offices so we are able to spread out our physicians among three locations to minimize the number of patients at each office.
    • Modified schedules to minimize the need for patient waiting in common areas.
    • All patients and staff are screened for possible COVID-19 symptoms.
    • All patients and staff wear appropriate protective equipment.

For orthopedic conditions requiring surgery, we are able to perform all orthopedic surgeries with no limitation thanks to the numerous safety protocols Torrance Memorial has instituted:

  • All surgical patients are pre-tested for COVID-19. There have been no cases at Torrance Memorial of a surgical patient contracting COVID while at the hospital.
  • All visitors are screened with thermal imaging before entering Torrance Memorial.
  • All staff are well-versed in the latest protective procedures to ensure safety.
  • Advances in anesthesia have allowed many surgical procedures previously requiring a hospital stay to be done safely as outpatient surgery.

No matter what the musculoskeletal condition, we have a doctor who can help.

  • All of our orthopedic doctors are board certified and participate in annual continuing medical education to stay on top of recent development in our field.
  • All of our orthopedic doctors are fellowship trained, spending at least a year devoted to specialized training on a particular area of interest.
  • The specialization of our doctors allows us to make sure patients are cared for at the highest level and provide all forms of care from non-operative to operative interventions.
  • Because we work together as a team, if a patient has a condition that is best handled by another member of group, it is easy for us to coordinate.

Additionally, we have access to many new and state of the art treatments including biologic growth factor injections, water therapy, minimally-invasive arthroscopic surgeries and robotic assisted joint replacement. Our team of specialists are passionate about helping patients get relief, and we have the breadth of experience and expertise to explore all available treatment options.

Let us help you find the orthopedic doctor that best meets your needs, call us today to schedule your appointment at 310-784-2355.

Dr. Stephen Nuccion is board certified in orthopedic surgery. He earned his medical degree at USC and completed a sports medicine fellowship at Harvard University where he refined his orthopedic experience in the care of both recreational and competitive athletes. He practices at Torrance Memorial Physician Network – Hawthorne at 23550 Hawthorne Blvd., Ste. 120 in Torrance. He can be reached at (310) 517-1216.