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Menopause: Symptoms and Surprises

Menopause: Symptoms and Surprises

Menopause. "The Change." Whatever you call it, we know it's bound to happen eventually. Of course there are the classic symptoms: hot flashes, mood changes, fatigue, stress, tiredness, and vaginal dryness and itching. But what about the things no one tells you? Here are a few symptoms of menopause that might catch you by surprise.

Your memory may be affected. Can't find your sunglasses only to discover they're on your head? Short-term memory can become much more common during menopause. Because short-term memory is directly affected by hot flashes, don't be concerned if you keep forgetting things.

Losing weight can become more difficult. Even if you've been eating healthy for years and working out daily, weight gain in your midsection is common. Try new workouts to reflect this change. Weight-training exercises are great to tone the midsection.

You could start to feel achy. When your estrogen levels drop, which occurs during menopause, your joints may start to feel sore and achy. No need to stress, an estrogen prescription from your doctor is a quick fix for the pain.

Dry Skin. Estrogen is necessary for elasticity, and without it, skin can become tight and itchy. So lather on the moisturizer, the thicker the better.

Dental Problems. Just like your skin drying out, your mouth can dry out as well. When your mouth is dry, there is an increased risk of bacteria growing, which leads to tooth decay and receding gums. Practice good dental hygiene and drink fluids prevent any dental issues.

Always talk to your doctor if you're worried about any of your symptoms. Menopause varies for every woman, and it is important to know and understand your body.

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