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Established in 2012, Torrance Memorial Physician Network is a multi-specialty practice that provides advanced, comprehensive, coordinated care for patients. The OB/GYN group consists of three doctors: Barbara SchulzSoha Elgharib and Cheryl Sanders. Prior to joining Torrance Memorial Physician Network in December, this group was formerly the Medical Group of Women Physicians, owned by Dr. Schulz for 27 years. Dr. Sanders has been with the group for 25 years and Dr. Elgharib for eight years.

How do you distinguish yourself from the competition?

Dr. Schulz: “The care I provide is the care I would want for myself. In my mind, I put myself in your place with your malady and think about what treatment and who I would want to render that. It’s a recipe for good medicine.”

What trend is changing your profession?

Dr. Sanders: “During these many years, I have seen many changes in not only the landscape of medicine but also in the patients who seek care. Medicine itself is constantly evolving and is now doing so at an accelerated rate. The mapping of the human genome has allowed for many different diagnostic and preventative therapies. It also allows for unique and varied opportunities for patient education—something I have always felt is an integral part of my responsibility as a physician.”

Who is your target client?

Dr. Schulz: “All women, young and older, heavy or not, people seeking hysterectomy alternatives, a simple pap or multiples in pregnancy.”

Tell us something unique about your work.

Dr. Schulz: “I’ve had several successful triplet deliveries.”

Dr. Elgharib: “I enjoy delivering babies and sharing that special moment with my patients. I try to be there for all patients who want me to deliver them.”

How do you handle issues that are unique to the working female?

Dr. Schulz: “Being a female is a plus. Our patients identify with us and vice versa. Also we offer late hours in Manhattan Beach and are open in Redondo Beach during the lunch hour.”

How does social media impact your patients?

Dr. Sanders: “The widespread use of social media has brought patient and doctor both closer together
as well as further apart at the same time. A large number of patients now present with internet research, which can cause a longer office visit often to explain the things self-learned. However, when the research is correct, it does enable both physician and patient to begin an easier transition to begin healing.”

How do you advise your clients?

Dr. Elgharib: “I provide patients with current medical guidelines and different treatment options and have them be part of the decision-making. Being a mother to a 17-year-old daughter helps me understand and approach my teenage and young patients in a way they are comfortable with.”

What comment do you hear from clients?

Dr. Schulz: “‘I don’t need a pap smear.’ True, you may not need a pap smear, but if you have ovaries, you still need an annual exam.”


What are your professional interests and accomplishments?

Dr. Elgharib: “My special interest in a non-invasive, outpatient gynecologic procedure alternative to major surgical hysterectomy. I manage uncomplicated pregnancies along with co-management of high-risk pregnancy with hypertension, diabetic and other medical problems.”

Dr. Sanders: “My professional interests include fibroids and their non-surgical management, hypertension in pregnancy, and management of menopause. My professional accomplishments include leadership roles in various OB/GYN committees in the field.”

Dr. Schulz: “Knowing that many, many women have been saved over the past 25+ years from breast or ovarian cancer; our success rate is due to the team of doctors we use to care for patients. Also I’m proud of the new genetic tests that we are embracing. We are the first OB/GYN office to start doing BRCA testing—more than five years ago.”

What’s most rewarding about your work?

Dr. Elgharib: “I love and enjoy what I do. Getting up in the middle of the night for a delivery or helping a patient going through a tough medical condition are privileges that I appreciate and am proud of.”

Dr. Sanders: “I really enjoy the look on my patients’ faces when they finally seem to understand how their bodies work—when part of the mystery is unlocked for them and they can see how they can assist in helping in their healing.”

510 N. Prospect Ave., Suite 320, Redondo Beach | 310-376-2716
2809 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Manhattan Beach | 310-545-1247

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