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Eradicating Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

Eradicating Excessive Menstrual Bleeding

“Menorrhagia” is a medical term for excessive menstrual bleeding, which lasts seven days or more per cycle or is so heavy that a woman experiences problems stemming the flow with sanitary protection. Treatment options include hormone therapy and dilation and curettage, which may be only minimally or temporarily effective.

As for hysterectomy, the only definitive treatment, it is a major surgical procedure. On the other hand, the treatment known as “endometrial ablation” is both minimally invasive and effective. For instance, NovaSure works by delivering precisely controlled electrical energy to remove the endometrial lining, the cyclic regeneration of which is responsible for menstruation. The procedure requires only local anesthesia and provides very satisfactory results.

A correct diagnosis of menorrhagia is important and women should feel confident that they understand all of their options. Be sure to ask questions and voice opinions with your doctor. If you have questions about this column or would like to schedule and appointment, please give us a call.

(Endometrial ablation is most suitable for women with heavy menstrual bleeding who have completed childbearing.)