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Life Saving (Lung) Screening

Life Saving (Lung) Screening

Did you know that lung cancer causes more deaths per year in the United States than prostate, breast and colon cancers combined? However, the disease does have a more than 50% five-year survival rate if it is detected early.

This November, in honor of Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we encourage readers to become educated on the realities of this disease: Are you at risk? How can you detect signs early? What are the current treatment options?

For those who are at an increased risk, Torrance Memorial offers a low-dose CT screening. People who are between the ages of 50 and 74, have a more than incidental smoking history and have smoked during the past 15 years should consider being screened.

The cost of the exam is $350 (not covered by insurance) and requires a physician’s order. For more information, contact the Cancer Resource Center at 310-517-4665. To learn more about lung cancer in general, visit the American Lung Association.