Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Pulmonary Disease, Critical Care & Sleep Medicine

Helping you breathe easier, one breath at a time.

Our board-certified pulmonologists at the Torrance Memorial Physician Network specialize in pulmonary disease, critical care and sleep medicine to help diagnose and manage your lung health. Our pulmonologists have expertise in all disorders of the respiratory system, pulmonary vascular disease and detection and prevention of occupational and environmental causes of lung disease.

The role of our pulmonologists also involves the care of critically-ill partients in the hospital offering their expertise in respiratory failure and complex interventions, such as mechanical ventilation.

Our pulmonologists partner with a multi-disciplinary team to help patients suffering from sleep-disordered breathing (such as sleep apnea). For these conditions, we offer patients many therapeutic services in our Torrance Memorial Sleep Disorders Center or home sleep studies.

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