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Insurance and Billing

Insurance and Billing

The physicians of Torrance Memorial Physican Network Pediatrics are contracted with HMO plans which are contracted with the Torrance Hospital IPA (THIPA), and most major PPO insurance plans. If accurate and current health insurance information is provided to us, our billing department will bill your insurance on your behalf. In order to minimize your "out of pocket" expenses, please note the following policies:

Insurance Cards

Please be prepared to present your child's insurance card at each visit, and notify us immediately if you move, change phone numbers, or your insurance plan changes.


For patients with PPO insurance policies with a deductible of $500 or greater, a payment of $50.00 (including copayment, if applicable) will be due at the time of check-in for all non-well child visits. This payment will be applied toward billable charges for the visit. We will continue to bill the insurance plan, and any excess payments/credits will be refunded to the patient within 30 business days. Any charges which are in excess of the $50 payment will be billed to the subscriber/guarantor of the patient after charges have been processed by the insurance plan.


Specific insurance policies and benefits covered by insurance plans vary greatly, and some visits, vaccinations, procedures or tests may not be covered by your insurance carrier. While we are contracted with most major PPO plans, please contact your insurance provider to verify if your plan is accepted by the physicians of Torrance Memorial Physician Network Pediatrics, and for information regarding eligibility of specific benefits.

Outstanding Balances

Because of the high cost of doing business, including having an adequate supply of expensive vaccinations available, we must collect outstanding balances in a timely manner. If a patient has an unpaid balance over 90 days, the account may be sent to a collection service. Please be sure we have updated contact information (phone numbers, mailing addresses) if this information changes notify our office. Questions regarding your child’s account, please call our billing department 310-257-7205.

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