Ankle Fractures

Ankles fractures are common injuries resulting from trauma, and may affect any one or more of the three bones that comprise the ankle joint: the tibia, fibula, or talus. Fractures can range from simple breaks in one bone of the ankle, which may not affect a person’s ability to walk, to several severe fractures, which can cause displacement of the ankle and may require avoidance of weight bearing for up to three months.

Torrance Memorial Physician Network draws from the expertise of orthopedic surgeons who treat fractures all over the body and specialists who know the anatomy of the foot and ankle to optimize treatment for patients. All treatment is tailored to facts obtained through individual evaluations and assessments of a patient and the severity of their injury.

Treatments Available

Treatment of ankle fractures is dependent on whether the ankle is stable following an injury. Our specialists provide both nonsurgical and surgical treatment based on the unique situations of patients.

Nonsurgical treatment

Ankle fractures that are stable can generally heal without surgery using casts or braces for a period of time, often around six weeks. Physical therapy can then be used to strengthen the ankle.

Surgical treatment

Because unstable patterns can lead to additional problems when left to heal in the incorrect spot, such as arthritis or leg instability, surgery may be required to fix many types of ankle fractures and ensure bones are set correctly. With surgery, bones are correctly positioned, realigned, and held in place using screws, rods, or plates. Bones will then heal in the normal position, during which patients may not be able to bear weight on the ankle for up to 3 months.

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