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neurological care Torrance Memorial Physician Network Neurology is a full-service outpatient neurology practice in the South Bay. We are closely allied with Torrance Memorial Medical Center, which combines the expertise of its neurosurgeons, and recognized orthopedic and spine specialists.

Our board-certified neurologist are highly skilled and trained to address a wide variety of neurological conditions such as epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, dementia, movement disorders, migraine headaches, and neuromuscular disease. We also offer a full range of procedural services including EEG, EMG, botulinum toxin (botox) injections and neuroimaging interpretation.

We work with patients, their families, primary care providers and other specialists to ensure that each patient has optimal care

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To learn more about neurological care available at Torrance Memorial Physician Network, or for referral to a neurologist, call 310-517-7021.

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