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Success Stories

Daniel H. – Patient

This office is so kind. They saw me early (by hours) when I happened to arrive in the morning. No waiting time. Plus: Dr. Eltawil is a very kind man.

Kumjoon Kuttapuzha, Patient

My doctor, Carmen Morales, MD, very professional, compassionate, patient and knowledgeable. I have a ‘family’ feeling whenever I come to the office. All nurses, staff at front desk are very friendly, kind and helpful. They are awesome members of the team. God bless you!

Bill Hutchison, Patient

Dr. Kissel and his staff are excellent. The patient care they provide is superb. He’s been my doctor for over 25 years. Good job all!

Elizabeth (Betty) Traub, Patient

Martha, you took care of the insurance and hospital paperwork and provided necessary process material so there was no reason to be anxious in that regard. Dr. Rogers, you carefully explained my spine problems, showed x-rays and outlined the procedure. Exuding such infectious confidence, I knew I would literally be “in good hands.” Not a day goes by that I don’t think of you, your gift and the gift you have given me. Jeff Satterfield, you patiently answered additional questions and at each follow-up explained the recovery as evidenced by x-rays. Always friendly, informative and encouraging, you work seamlessly with Dr. Rogers to ensure a successful recovery.

KayDee B., Spouse

My husband has had several back surgeries due to injuries. After Sustaining his last injury, over a year ago, He not only had severe back pain, but also burning in both legs. He had lost hope of having any kind of relief. Dr Rogers was his surgeon to implant a nerve stimulator in his back. While she was operating, she was able to remove some hardware from prior surgeries. He now has no burning in his legs. His still needs to get stronger, but He has hope for the first time in a long time. His entire demeanor has brightened. Dr Rogers is not only a great clinician, but she is also patient, kind, empathetic, and appears genuinely happy to be helping!

Linda Luhmann, Patient

I have never received such excellent care as I have these past 3 weeks from Dr. Wallis and his nurse Gabby! Thank you both so much for taking such good care of me while I was so sick.

John H. "Jack" Ferme, Patient

Dr. Rasic, Thanks sooo much for your personal & professional attention to my medical needs! So very glad to see you joining the TMPN team. I have been very pleased with my specialty doctors, and believe you will be a great fit!!! Thanks Again, Jack

Rene Torres, Patient

I would like to commend Dr. Michael Yu and his assistant May for being so caring and taking their time to listen to their patients, and for making sure our health needs are met. I would also like to comment Olivia the front desk receptionist. She is very friendly and always greets the patients with a smile while checking them in, and makes sure to go out of their way to help with any issues that may arise. It is a pleasure to be able to receive such great service from a great medical facility. Thank you.

Leonarminda Buan, Patient

Dr. Shin & staff were all accommodating from the front desk to MA clinical to check out staff. Excellently organized and efficient workforce.

Ryan Miller

Dr. Kissel is a great doctor, super nice and excellent staff.

Marek Panasewicz, Patient

Laura at Dr. Kissel's office is the best. She's friendly and compassionate and is by far the best at drawing blood - painless! I'd like her to always take my blood when it needs to be drawn. Thanks!

Therese Bohn, Patient

Susan Starr is one of the most compassionate and understanding professionals I've interacted with during my illness and followups. She takes the time to understand what I'm experiencing at the time, whether it was during treatment, after treatment, during reconstruction, or standard follow up appointments, and provides suggestions and solutions. Susan is also prompt to reply to portal messages. I sincerely appreciate her genuine concern for me and my health and the healthcare I'm receiving in her office and elsewhere.

Alva Adams, Patient

Dr. Baars is an outstanding doctor and so is the staff that she works with. The front desk staff is great as well. Great customer service. Thanks!

Gordon Eisenbart, Patient

I am very impressed with Dr. Ro's attention to detail, her openness to my "story", her support for my good health. I am "on board" with her as my new physician. I will be happy to refer her to other

Lisa Hall, Patient

Great, Dr. Taylor answered all questions thoroughly. Also office staff great, so helpful!

Mike and Barbara Millea, Family Member

I was in to see D. Lui with both my parents today - Dr. Lui and her staff are wonderful. They are so gentle and caring with my parents. Dr. Lui is a jewel. She is an extraordinary doctor and has the best bedside manner of any doctor we have ever had.

Judy Schuay, Patient

This is the first time I have walked into a doctor's office and felt at ease. The doctor was wonderful. Dr. Cooray explained a lot of things I didn't know about. She seems like she really cares and has made long term plans. I have seen a lot of doctors in the past 4 month and none of them treated me with respect as she did. Thank you.

Christina Graham, Patient

Thank you for being thorough, Dr. Corray. I appreciate your considerate staff. I'd recomment you highly any time!

Gilda Lane, PhD, Patient

Hope to have Dr. Gamboa as my MD at the clinic. Excellent personality, cheerful, encouraging, knowledgeable, humble, ethusiatic - all that a paitnet likes a MD to be

Blanca Intriago, Caregiver

Dr. Morales and her staff have been beyond exceptional with my mother. It is refreshing to see a doctor take her time and be thorough and concerned with the elderly. I am so happy my mother changed her general practitioner.

John Mifflin, Patient

Dr. Hawkins makes "getting old" much easier!! His deep knowledge of many medical problems and his pleasant demeanor are always helpful...and comforting.

Heddan Golden, Patient

Dr. Elaine Jones and the office staff are always so efficient and professional. They show they care.

Michael Berg, Patient

Dr. Hawkins is wonderful. I am blessed to have him as my doctor. Over the years, as I moved around locally, I have been fortunate to have been able to keep him as my primary care physician, and I am more than satisfied: he knows me the way only a long-time doctor --- and a good one --- knows his patient.

Diane Newman, Patient

Pavan Brar is a wonderful practitioner who has always showed sincere concern on my health. Easy to talk with and very knowledgeable in what she does.

Pamela Mullowney, Patient

My last few visits have been on time. I barely sat down in the waiting room when I was called in. This is especially commendable as my appointments were running late in the day. Dr. Mellor is always warm and welcoming. She helps me explore numerous alternatives when that is appropriate.

Sabrina Williams, Patient

I would like to commend Mathew Ryan, NP. He has been amazing, patient, supportive and very caring in helping me to find answers to why I have been experiencing so much pain since the beginning of the year. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. He lets me know that he TRULY CARES and that means a lot. He has referred me to doctors who could offer further assistance when he didn't know the answer. Not once did he say "Its nothing else I can do". I am so grateful that he is apart of the Network and pray that he continues to support his patients because it means a lot when you know your doctor cares and you are not just a "copay" and money in the dr. pocket.. I still experience pain, but at least I know it won't be always because of the efforts he has taken to make sure I get the proper help I need. He is truly an asset to The Torrance Memorial Team and Dr. Glazer.

Beverly Mairs, Patient

He is knowledgeable, professional, thorough, compassionate - choosing Dr. Chen was one of the best decisions my husband and I have made. We feel our health decisions are in good hands.

Douglas Clements, Patient

Dr. Kissel has been treating me and my wife for over 30 years, and he always been a very caring and knowledgeable physician. He has adapted to the new technology extremely well, he handles patient care the same way as before the new stuff arrived on the scene. I would never change doctors.

Crystal Svoboda, Patient

I am extremely pleased with my experience, with The Torrance Memorial Physicians Network. My doctor, Milena Shakhbazova M.D. is easy to talk to, she seems to really listen and she explains things to me. I never feel rushed during my appointment, which allows me to ask questions or voice concerns. Her care team has always been very helpful and polite.

Shirley Dunn, Patient

She shows genuine concern for her patients. She calls me at home if she has a concern befor my appointment. She seeks advice from her peers and consults with my other doctors.

Geroge Smith, Patient

Dr. Yu and Dr. Shin all have been wonderful in my aorta valve replacement issue! I have no desire to change any of my doctors...they all are great!!!!!

Nick Brajevich, Patient

Well run office [Dr. David Wallis]! You are all awesome!

Lisa Miali, Patient

Dr. Kissel is the best, he listens and genuinely cares and has the best advice. Nurse was so quick with the tetanus shot, I didn’t even know I got it!

Dave Matthews, Patient

I had low back spine surgery by Dr. Tiffany Rogers, MD. Check in to check out everything went very well. The staff were kind and professional. I would give them a 5 star rating.

Margie E., Patient

Dr Tiffany Rogers, is outstanding, she has done two back fusions on me- One as a result of spinal stenosis which after 25yrs, finally got to the surgery final option. It was very successful, but then due to an auto accident, it compromised the discs above the fusion, so needed a 2nd fusion. So continued success, I do recommend water therapy as the best for better recovery (besides the land PT for maintenance), since I used water PT for previous surgery, she continued with recommendation. Hope this helps if you're contemplating surgery.

Gayle Shubin, Patient

Very, very good experience. Grateful for front and back staff. Especially Vanessa. She is patient, kind, funny and took the time to care for me and my insurance issues and Jasmin! Thank you!

James Kirwan, Patient

Dr. Milena is an excellent physician who takes time to listen and ask pertinent questions. She is the best MD I have ever had.

Georgia Galosic, Patient

Excellent experience!! From the very friendly and efficient front desk, to the radiologist (courteous, fast & helpful) to Dr. Rogers (very caring & helpful)!! Thank you, TMMC.

Barbara Ramsey-Duke, Patient

Dr. Lee Kissel is the BEST Doctor Ever! Lorrie took blood and gave shot so smoothly and without pain. She rocks too!

Bette, Patient

I had spine surgery which I was resisting for a very long time.Dr, Rogers was recommended and I kept putting it off and finally said yes after 3 different days in the ER.I was totally surprised after the surgery how quickly I recovered (5) months and I am able to do almost anything I want without pain any more. I am so glad I finally followed Dr. Peck's recommendation and I should have done it sooner. I will be 84 October 6th and many people can not believe how much I do at my age. Thanks to Dr. Rogers and staff!

Barbara, Patient

What a great team! You are all so organized. No wonder you received a teamwork award.

Tracy, Patient

I greatly appreciate the outstanding help from Marysol!!! Marysol was extremely helpful, professional, kind, patient, and sweet today. Many, many thanks for hiring such a wonderful employee!